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Toys and More Toys - Buying Everything On Their Wish Lists Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

Bring on hustle and bustle. Say “hello,” to snow, ice and cooler temps.

It’s December, and Christmas time is almost here. That means it’s time for spending time with friends and family, decorating your home and buying presents for all the people on your list. As a mom, first on my list is my son. Just like I’m sure most parents start are with their kids. However, just because your kids’ Christmas lists may be a mile long, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank!

I’m a fairly budget-conscious person, and it extends into my Christmas shopping.

In my opinion, there are two Christmas shopping schools of thought:

  • One is where parents (over)spend copious amounts of money – on credit or otherwise – on Christmas toys for their children.
  • The other is where parents approach sticking to their Christmas budget, as a challenge.

My husband and I fall in the latter. Every year, we have our son make a list of items he wants (both toys and other). Once he sends the list to “Santa,” we shop around, scouring store advertisements and visiting store websites; to make sure we get the very best deal possible. Buying Christmas toys (or holiday toys) for kids doesn’t have to break the bank.

I highly encourage everyone reading this to set a budget for their Christmas shopping – before they begin shopping. And, this doesn’t just apply to shopping for Christmas toys for your kids. My son hasn’t made his official Christmas list yet, as that usually happens right after Thanksgiving, but some Christmas toy ideas I have so far, that I know he will love, are:

Hot Wheels and a Hot Wheels Play set

An Air Hockey Game

A Motorcycle and a Man to Ride It

Luckily, I was able to find all these things (including two packs of Hot Wheels cars!) at Family Dollar for under $50.The one close to my house even had an additional “Buy One, Get One 50% Off” sale – Unadvertised! So, that means you should really go in the store to see all the great toys and deals they have.

Even though I’m the mother of a boy, I’m always on the lookout for toys for little girls as well (I come from a big family, with tons of girls). Family Dollar has a huge assortment, and I made sure I told all my friends and family about it. They also had a variety of Disney toys, from “Monster University” and “Jake and the Neverland Pirates,” as well as action figures from the Avengers and the Justice League. There are toy cars, trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, and every other type of transportation you could imagine! I’m just glad I didn’t take my son with me, because he may have never wanted to leave!

My favorite thing I found in the toy aisle was a microphone and amp set. However, I didn’t get it, because I wouldn’t want to torture my neighbors.

So do yourself, and your wallet/bank account a favor and check your local

Family Dollar. The variety, quality and fantastic prices can’t be beat!

By Bree of Mom with Moxie

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