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Game Night! Indoor Family Fun on a Budget

This year, we are starting a new tradition for our family: game night.  January and February are perfect months to start this as they are usually the coldest months of the year for most of us and call for a lot of indoor activities.  Like most families, my kids (and I) have fun with electronics and apps, but after a while it’s good to switch it up and change screen time for family time. And what better way to do it than with fun and affordable board games. With our new family game night and our budget in mind, we visited our closest Family Dollar store and found some amazing board games for less than $6 each.


Here are several reasons why board games are fantastic and make for the perfect fun and affordable indoor activity:

Family Time: They have the power to unite families around the table and make for a good excuse to lay out your kid’s favorite snacks and drinks.

Affordability: They are extremely affordable! I found several of my kid’s favorite games for less than $6.

Learning: They provide opportunities for discussion, interaction, and natural learning.  These games are not only fun but they also promote critical thinking, emotional intelligence and much more.

Memories: They create powerful memories and special moments.  Laughing,excitement and sometimes even tears are memories and emotions that we treasure as kids and remind us of family.

Reusable: They are reusable. They don’t need updates and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Tech-free: They are usually battery free, and require no Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, you can take them anywhere, and play with them at anytime.

While strolling through the board game aisle at Family Dollar, there were three
games that jumped out at my kids right away. Hungry, Hungry Hippo is very simple and fun and kept the kids busy for a long time. Trouble is a great game to practice basic math and it works for children of all ages and even parents.  Lastly, Dominoes has become my daughter’s new favorite game!

Board games are for everyone and have different challenges for different abilities and reasoning levels. So next time you are out and about, make sure to visit your nearest Family Dollar for a great selection of board games. You can enjoy these games with the family for years and they are an excellent option if you are looking for affordable indoor family activities.

What’s your favorite board game?

By Eliana Tardio

TWITTER: @elianatardio

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