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The California Transparency Act of 2010 (SB657) requires all large retailers and manufacturers to inform consumers of their efforts to prevent slavery and human trafficking in their direct supply chain. To this end, Dollar Tree, Inc., on behalf of its subsidiaries which import for and operate the retailers Dollar Tree and Family Dollar (collectively “Dollar Tree”), provides the following information with regards to its position and efforts in preventing slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain.
Although Dollar Tree does not own or have a financial interest in any of its supply chain vendors or facilities, Dollar Tree maintains high expectations that its supply chain has the same dedication as Dollar Tree in conducting business in a legal and ethical manner, which includes prevention of human trafficking and slavery.



    Dollar Tree has independent third-parties along with internal team members conduct social compliance audits of its new and existing direct import vendor facilities. The social compliance audits are both announced and unannounced audits that specifically target slavery and human trafficking. The audits include inspections of the facilities, documentation review and private interviews of the workers. In addition to the social compliance audits, Dollar Tree also has independent third-parties and its internal team conduct announced and unannounced capacity and manufacturing process audits of new and existing direct import vendor facilities.


    Dollar Tree requires vendor manufacturing be free from slavery and human trafficking at all stages of the supply chain. These standards are stated in Dollar Tree’s Code of Ethics, which are to be followed by all vendors. Direct import vendors certify their compliance with this policy by agreeing to Dollar Tree’s supplier agreements and by responding to annual surveys on slavery and human trafficking.


    Dollar Tree uses its audit program, supplier agreements and surveys to verify its supply chain does not utilize slavery or human trafficking. Dollar Tree also internally evaluates potential risks by assessing its supply chain with governmental resources on slavery and human trafficking.


    Dollar Tree communicates its expectations regarding slavery and human trafficking in its Code of Ethics along with its vendor agreements. Any non-conforming activity by Dollar Tree vendors or associates may be anonymously reported through several different email addresses and telephone hotlines with all allegations being fully investigated. Although Dollar Tree works with vendors on best practices with social compliance, Dollar Tree has no tolerance regarding slavery and human trafficking.


    Dollar Tree annually trains its associates with direct involvement in vendor management on human trafficking and slavery. This training brings awareness and understanding of the issues and includes how to look for indications of human trafficking and slavery while visiting supplier facilities. Dollar Tree also reviews governmental resources about the risks in certain countries and for different product categories. Finally, Dollar Tree provides its associates with reporting guidelines for any suspected incidences. Dollar Tree is committed to ensuring its supply chain does not participate in human trafficking and slavery.
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